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Retail Vinyl Flooring Solutions

Turning retail stores into customer experiences

In the retail sector, the design of a store is very important to the customer experience. From small boutiques to busy retail chains, we provide flooring solutions that enable this.

Floors in these environments need to be beautiful, comfortable, practical and durable.

Polyflor’s specialist retail solutions offer our clients the opportunity to realise their design potential whilst meeting the tough demands of this environment.

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Key features of our Retail Vinyl Flooring Solutions:

  • Flooring design and specialist technical advisory and support services that limit your risk to ensure your stores demands are met
  • Robust floors that still look beautiful after more than 10 years of heavy traffic
  • Designer floors that showcase your store’s brand
  • Wall and building protection systems that limit impact damage and hygiene risk
  • Anti-slip flooring that helps ensure client and staff safety
  • Floors that reduce noise and enhance acoustics
  • Floor surface coatings that are easy to clean, and reduce maintenance effort and costs
  • Environmentally sustainable flooring

Vinyl has evolved into a multi-functional, highly specialised product that can be applied across industries.

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Some of our clients include:

Our clients include:

  • SPAR
  • Dermalogica
  • Sorbet
  • Checkers
  • Outdoor Warehouse

Specialisation Areas:

  • Large retail chains and specialist stores
  • Boutiques and specialist stores
  • Restaurants and food stores (hygiene)
  • Stores within stores
  • Back of house areas including loading bays and storage areas
  • Front and back of house entrances and exits that could benefit from walk off matting
  • Loading bays and storage areas
  • Commercial kitchens, food preparation areas and serving areas requiring a hygienic and/or non slip solution
  • Bulkheads and counters that require that require both a functional and decorative cladding

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