ESD Flooring

Specialist ESD flooring is a hard wearing vinyl floor covering engineered for electrostatic discharge protection.

ESD conducts a uniform flow of static electricity to an earthing point to prevent damage to sensitive equipment, electronic components and people. There are three types of ESD flooring:


Conductive flooring (ROF) offers almost no resistance and is necessary for areas with an extreme chance of explosion.


Electrostatic conductive flooring offers more resistance than conductive. It’s typically used in hospital operating rooms and in areas where extremely sensitive computer equipment or electronics are being manufactured. This is more critical inland with the lower humidity and during our dry winter conditions which creates huge static.


Static dissipative flooring offers more resistance than EC and is suitable for areas where computer equipment is manufactured, installed or tested.

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Finesse SD



Palettone SD

Polyflor SD

Polyflor SA’s ESD range comes in a variety of patterns and designs, and is suitable for various applications, including:

  • Munition plants
  • Warehouses
  • Chemical processing plants
  • Fireworks production factories
  • Computer server rooms
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Pharmaceutical facilities
  • Electronic manufacturing plants

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