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IT & Electronics Vinyl Flooring Solutions

Protecting sensitive equipment from static damage for IT, Electronics, Telecommunications and Ordnance solutions

Electron imbalances created by anything from the scuff of a shoe to the scrape of a chair can result in electrical discharge that could have serious consequences for computers, servers and other important electronic equipment.

Specialised equipment needs specialised flooring. Polyflor offers a range of flooring solutions that ensure your electronic equipment is protected.   The Polyflor Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) range has been specifically engineered for areas where static control is required.

Read our blog post, Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) Floor Coverings Explained, to find out how vinyl can help reduce system failures caused by electrostatic discharge incidents.

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Key features of our IT & Electronics Vinyl Flooring Solutions:

  • Flooring design, technical advisory and support services. Polyflor SA will help limit your risk to ensure your electronic and IT equipment remains protected from unseen static build-up
  • Electro static dissipative floors that dissipate static before it builds-up
  • Robust, high design floors that still look beautiful after more than 10 years of heavy staff traffic
  • Wall and building protection systems that limit impact damage and hygiene risk

Some of our clients include:

  • Cell C
  • 10111 Centre, PE
  • AECI
  • Denel
  • Fujitsu Factory (UK)

Specialisation Areas:

  • Computer Data centres
  • Server rooms
  • Electronic manufacturing and repair facilities
  • Munitions and dynamite manufacturers

Find out how ESD flooring can benefit a server room or high tech lab.

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