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Gradus Corner Guards

Corners are one of the most vulnerable areas of a building and Gradus PVC-u corner guards are available in a variety of styles and heights to suit any protection requirement.

Gradus PVC-u corner guards are ideal for reducing maintenance costs and maintaining interior appearances in environments ranging from education, healthcare and pharmaceutical through to commercial office, retail, hospitality, and transport.

Damaged corners can harbour dirt and bacteria and are difficult to clean. The installation of corner guards therefore improves hygiene through damage limitation.

Corner guards can be installed onto damaged corners, concealing existing damage and preventing further damage.

Downloadable Assets:

Gradus Clear PVC-u Corner Guards

Clear PVC-u allows any decorative surface finishes to clearly show through without interruption, providing an ideal solution in areas where less obtrusive protection is required.

Gradus High Impact PVC-u Corner Guards

Aluminium retainer provides reinforced defence against high impact damage from wheeled traffic combined with a shock absorbent PVC cover which can be easily replaced if damaged.

Gradus Standard PVC-u Corner Guards

Cost effective solution for protecting corners from damage caused by pedestrian and wheeled traffic.

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