Affiliations & Memberships

PolyFlor Recycling

Polyflor Sustainability Programme

Driving responsibility and sustainability within the PVC industry. Help us to make a difference by joining our programme today.


SAVA (South African Vinyls Association)

Polyflor is affiliated with the Southern African Vinyls Association as the representative body for the local vinyl industry fulfilling an active role in the sustainability of the industry.


British Chamber of Business in South Africa

Committed to promoting trade and commercial relations between South Africa and the United Kingdom.


FITA (Flooring Industry Training Association)

Polyflor is a founding member of the Flooring Industry Training Association and supports the training and registration of artisans.

Vinyl Dot 2020

Vinyl-dot (Vinyl.) Endorsement

Polyflor has been awarded the Vinyl-dot (Vinyl.) at the recent SAVA AGM for complying to the Product Stewardship Commitment.