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Gradus Handrails, Dual Rails & Combination Rails

Gradus handrails, Dual Rails and combination rail are designed to offer pedestrian guidance and support in addition to a level of surface protection.

Designed for use in interior, horizontal circulation areas, they are suitable for use in a wide range of environments including healthcare, education, commercial office and transport.

The style of profile selected will depend on the types and levels of both pedestrian and wheeled traffic. Handrails can also be combined with other profiles from the
range to provide a complete protection solution.

Downloadable Assets:

Gradus SHR40P Handrails

Gradus SHR40 handrails provide pedestrian guidance and support in addition to a level of surface protection and have been designed to meet guidance for handrail dimensions in relation to grip diameter, distance from the wall and bracket clearance.   The SHR40P option of this handrail comprises an aluminium retainer, PVC-u cover, anodised aluminium brackets and PVC-u accessories including returns, inside and outside corners, variable angle and end stops. The PVC-u accessories are supplied with black reveals in an anti-bacterial finish to provide neat, smooth joints. The SHR40P features a 40mm diameter handrail and offers a smooth, comfortable grip.  PVC-u covers and accessories are available in 32 colour options and are through-coloured to conceal the effects of impact and abrasion.

Gradus D200P Dual Rail

Gradus D200 Dual Rails provide the ideal solution where both a handrail and wall guard are required as a combined system.

Gradus Combination Rails

The Gradus combination rail combines a handrail and a wall guard element in a single profile providing protection against impact from wheeled traffic whilst offering a comfortable grip to give reassuring pedestrian support and guidance.

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