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Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring

Adhesive-free, loose lay vinyl sheeting, tiles or planks designed to reduce installation times and available in a wide range of designs.

Our loose lay ranges are made up of adhesive-free, ready-to-lay sheeting, tiles or planks, designed to reduce installation time and allow continued access to underfloor utilities. The material is slightly thicker than the conventional glue-down offering and has slightly different construction layers to stabilise and limit movement.

Suitable for both commercial and residential installations, where minimising disruption and installation time is of critical importance.

Flooring Visualiser

Try our new Flooring Visualiser to picture our portfolio of flooring options in your commercial interior.

flooring visualiser flooring visualiser
Polyflor Product Assistant

Use the options to filter our products by type, design and colour. You can choose multiple options and combinations. Then click the “Apply Filters” button. We’ll find and display the products that match all your selected criteria at the same time.

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