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Creating Clean Spaces

No matter the environment, it is essential to ensure that spaces are hygienic and free from germs. Covid-19 has taught us to assess our surroundings and make the necessary changes to improve the cleanliness of areas and surfaces. Keeping everyone safe and healthy has never been a higher priority.

Creating Clean Spaces

When creating clean spaces, touchpoints & surfaces are crucial considerations as they are the main areas where germs congregate. Using materials that you can regularly and easily clean will improve a space’s hygiene and reduce the spread of infection. When selecting your floor surface, vinyl floor coverings are a great option to increase the safety of your interior.

  • Vinyl floor coverings provide a smooth, resilient surface that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Polyflor products meet the strictest hygiene standards to be P22 NHS approved and are the ideal choice for any area where cleanliness and infection control are of high importance.
  • The vast number of collections & product types, combined with the wide range of available shades means there is a Polyflor product for every interior & sector.

Our approved maintenance partners include:

Industroclean | +27 11 801 4600

  • Proclean for all floor cleaning
  • Sintol for above-floor/touch points
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