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Gradus Wall Guards, Wall Strips & Bed Head Protectors

With over two decades of manufacturing experience and quality you can be assured of, Gradus provides one of the most extensive premium wall protection systems available today.


Gradus Wall Guards

Gradus wall guards (also referred to as bumper bars or crash rails) offer impact protection against wheeled traffic such as trolleys, beds and other mobile equipment. Gradus PVC-u wall guards are available in various styles and sizes and are modular in construction with aluminium retainers, snap-on PVC-u covers and complementary PVC-u accessories. The replaceable covers are through-coloured and textured to conceal the effects of impact damage and abrasion.

Gradus Wall Strips

Gradus PVC-u wall strips are a cost effective alternative to wall guards where medium duty protection is required against impact, abrasion and scrapes from both wheeled and pedestrian traffic plus damage caused by chairs and tables or other moveable items. Wall strips are available in 32 colours and are through-coloured and textured to conceal the effects of damage from impact and abrasion.  Available with or without tape.

Gradus Bed Head Protectors

Gradus bed head protectors are supplied as pre-cut packaged systems for easy installation. They are designed to prevent damage to walls and wall mounted equipment from beds that are continuously moved around.

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