English Oak Vinyl Flooring 9823

English Oak Vinyl Flooring is a vinyl flooring sheet that beautifully replicates the classic limed ash wood plank textured look. It forms part of the Expona Flow PUR family, historically recognised internationally as offering the highest quality, design led luxury vinyl flooring. Incorporating 50 heavy commercial floor covering options, Expona Flow includes an assortment of floor finishes, textures and colours to suit any interior style.



The Expona Flow collection of wood and effect vinyl sheet floorcoverings is specifically designed for a wide range of commercial interiors. The contemporary and creative timber and striking abstract designs are ideal for education, healthcare, office, retail and leisure sectors, developed and presented in a practical, resilient and hygienic product construction.

The durability of Expona Flow lends itself perfectly to the demands of commercial interiors, leading with the key advantages of aesthetics and performance, with the added flexibility to meet corporate design schemes. Unique floor designs can easily be achieved by incorporating inlaid features and logos, managed by Polyflor’s in house design team.

To further enhance the floorcovering, Expona Flow features a high quality, cross-linked polyurethane reinforcement (PUR) providing a low cost, polish-free maintenance regime for the lifetime of the product.

Expona Flow is 100% recyclable and achieves BRE A+ certification for major use areas based on a life cycle analysis approach over a building life of 60 years. All these qualities make the collection environmentally preferable whilst meeting decorative, practical, budgetary and maintenance objectives.

BoQ Specification

Supply and install 2mm x 2m Polyflor Expona Flow PUR heterogeneous laminated construction vinyl sheeting with PUR polyurethane reinforcement cross linked and UV cured surface treatment, manufactured in accordance with ISO 10582 (EN 649) and installed with a Polyflor recommended adhesive which has been spread using an A2 notched trowel on a previously prepared Class 1 subfloor in accordance with SANS 10070, using a Polyflor recommended self-leveller and moisture barrier when required, including all site formed skirtings(to architect’s specifications) installed with PC20 Cove Former and CS48 Capping Strip, including cutting and waste, rolling the installed sheeting in both directions with a 68kg three-sectional roller immediately after it has been laid into the adhesive, joints must be butted, U-shape grooved and heat welded using Polyflor’s matching welding rod ensuring that the welding rod bonds to more than 2/3rds of the sheet in thickness, available from Polyflor (011) 609 3500.

  • Colour: English Oak
  • Code: 9823
  • Weld Rod: 9823

Technical Product Compliance

  • BRE Global environmental A+ rating (Certificate No ENP415)*
  • Featuring a polyurethane reinforcement (PUR) for improved cleaning and maintenance
  • Provides a continuous, impervious and hygienic flooring solution which can be confidently cleaned using recommended maintenance procedures and products
  • R10 slip resistance (for sustainable wet slip resistance refer to Polysafe ranges)

Comprehensive Specification

Supply and install Expona Flow PUR flexible PVC sheet flooring in 2.0mm thickness, It shall have the following laminated construction: circa 0.70mm clear PVC wear layer, a fibreglass reinforced integral print layer and circa 1.30mm of PVC backing, The flooring shall incorporate a specially formulated polyurethane reinforcement, to significantly reduce maintenance costs, In accordance with EN ISO 10582/EN 649, the in-use classification must be at least 23/34/43 as described in EN ISO 10874: ie domestic areas with intense use; commercial areas with very heavy traffic; and heavy light industrial areas, In respect of flame spread, the flooring shall have been fully tested to EN13501-1 and certified as having Class Bfl-S1, The product must have been fully tested for abrasion resistance and meet the requirements of abrasion Group T, as defined in EN 649 and Binder Content Type 1 as defined in EN ISO 10582, This product does not accumulate static charges above 2kV and is classified as ‘antistatic’ when tested to EN1815. For specialist applications where there is a requirement to dissipate the electrostatic charge see the Polyflor ESD product ranges, With regards the European requirements EN 13893 for slip resistance, the flooring shall be classified DS, making it suitable for use in areas which are predominantly dry, when tested to DIN 51130 the product shall be classified as R10. For safety flooring with sustainable wet slip resistance, refer to the Polysafe ranges, in respect of light fastness, the flooring shall have been fully tested to ISO 105-BO2 Method 3 as having a pass to ≥6, the flooring must be available in 2.01 metre width, including a 0.01 metre selvage for on-site trimming, to minimise the number of joints.

  • Colour: English Oak
  • Code: 9823
  • Weld Rod: 9823

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