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Retail Outlets and Commercial Offices

Turning retail stores into visual showcases

In the commercial and retail sector, interior design and the look and feel of a building are hugely important. From small boutiques to large-scale interiors, we provide flooring solutions for any size installation.

Retail is all about focusing on the store and its products. The branding, merchandising and interior design is based on the values the business stands for, and the products it provides. Internationally the trend is towards visually beautiful, yet robust retail floor design. Design that accentuates the brand’s message and keeps looking beautiful despite high traffic over long periods of time.

Polyflor’s specialist retail solutions offer our clients the opportunity to unlock their creative vision while retaining their need for easy to clean floors and low maintenance costs.

Specialisation Areas:

  • Large retail chains and corporates
  • Boutiques and specialist stores
  • Restaurants and food stores (hygiene)
  • Stores within stores
  • Back of house areas
  • Entrance areas (matting)
  • Loading bays and storage areas

Vinyl has evolved into a multi-functional, highly specialised product that can be applied across industries.

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Key features of our retail and commercial solutions:

  • Flooring design, technical advisory and support services. Polyflor SA will help limit your risk to ensure your retail vision is realised
  • Robust floors that still look beautiful after more than 10 years of heavy traffic
  • Designer floors that showcase your store’s brand messaging
  • Wall and building protection systems that limit impact damage and hygiene risk
  • Anti-slip flooring that helps ensure client and staff safety
  • Floors that reduce noise and enhance acoustics
  • Floor surface coatings that are easy to clean, and reduce maintenance effort and costs
  • Environmentally preferable flooring

Our clients include:

  • SPAR
  • Dermalogica
  • Sorbet
  • Checkers
  • Outdoor Warehouse

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