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Flooring & Wall Protection for Hospital Wards

Hospital wards and accommodation are subject to high volumes of activity. Hospital staff are regularly tasked with manoeuvring beds, wheelchairs, mobile medical equipment, service trolleys and other wheeled traffic in relatively confined spaces, increasing the likelihood of impact damage to walls, corners and doors.

Typical causes of damage in a hospital ward: hospital beds are frequently moved and adjusted to accommodate patients which can cause scuffs and scrapes, whilst other movable objects such as visitor chairs and tables can cause similar damage.

The photograph below shows how the following Flooring and Wall Protection products can be used in hospital wards:

  1. Palettone PUR Flooring and Wall Protection
  2. Bed Head Protectors BHPA100 
  3. Standard Corner Guards CGS5090 
  4. Combination Handrail CHR160 
  5. XL PU Wall Cladding
Flooring and wall protection for hospital wards.
Palettone PUR Flooring
Bed Head Protectors BHPA100
Standard Corner Guards CGS5090
Combination Handrail CHR160
XL PU Wall Cladding

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