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Creating Clean Educational Spaces

Schools are lively and high-impact environments that are required to ensure pupil and staff safety, comfort and inspiration. The required performance of school flooring can depend upon the function of the space, the age of pupils, expected activity levels and intensity of footfall.

  • School floor coverings must be easy to clean and maintained. A visibly clean floor and environment will invoke a sense of pride and ownership for pupils as they navigate around the building.
  • Regular and well-planned maintenance will keep the floor covering in pristine condition, increasing hygiene, reducing wear and improving the life expectancy of the product.
  • Acoustic flooring solutions are available when there is a need to reduce impact sound reduction, having a profound impact on pupils learning and staff performance.

Multi-use spaces require a flexible approach to design and floors that are bright and colourful, classic or contemporary, can add character to a dynamic educational space. Floor coverings can create continuity around a building, connected re-purposed areas and define break-out zones to encourage informal learning spaces.

Our approved maintenance partners include:

Industroclean | +27 11 801 4600

  • Proclean for all floor cleaning
  • Sintol for above-floor/touch points
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