Clean Floors are Healthy Floors

An increased focus on hygiene and cleanliness has resulted in more regular cleaning to reduce the spread of infection.

cleaning floor
  • Following high-standard cleaning methods and increasing the frequency of cleaning will help to reduce the spread of Covid-19.
  • The use of disinfectants, to kill viruses & bacteria, can further enhance the cleanliness of an area.
  • With Polyflor products, you can improve the quality of your maintenance regime, without a significant increase in time or cost.

Our approved maintenance partners include:

Industroclean | +27 11 801 4600

  • Proclean for all floor cleaning
  • Sintol for above-floor/touch points
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i-Team | | 087 500 0000

  • i-Protect New 3 for all floor cleaning
  • I-Protect New 5 & i-Protect New 1.1 for above-floor/touch point cleaning
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